Spicy beetroot soup for cold evenings🔥

This is one of my favourite soups of all, I simply can’t get enough of this one.. And the funny thing is that I’ve actually served it to quit many people who say they don’t like beetroots, but they’ve all loved this one ⭐️

I tend to use as much organic ingredients as possible, I hope you’ll do this too ⭐️

🌿 3 beetroots boiled up if bought raw, and then peeled
🌿 2 onions
🌿 2 clove of garlic
🌿 1 lemon
🌿 1 stem of ginger
🌿 Chives/timian/parsley/sage/corriander
🌿 1 pint of veg or chicken stock
🌿 Nutmeg

This is so simple:
🍁 Cut up the onions and the garlic
Fry of till tansparent in oil, olive, or nut oil are good.

🍁 Pour in the stock.

🍁 Cut up the beetroots into chunks pop into the stock.

🍁 Season at this stage.

🍁 Squeeze the lemon into the mix

🍁 Grate the ginger and add this, a tablespoons measure would be enough

🍁 Grate a teaspoons worth of nutmeg and add also.

🍁 Cut up the chives or other another herb you got, and add this.

🍁 Cook this at a simmering heat for 25 minutes.

🍁 Leave to cool down a bit and then liquidise (I use a hand held blender)

🍁 When you serve you can add a little cream, it makes it very pretty.

Eat and enjoy ⭐️



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