Nature as a Role Model

Juice Plus+ is an easy way to add good nutrition to your diet. To help bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat.

Science confirms that adding a wide variety of nutritional elements, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, from a wholefood base, helps give the body the good nutrition it needs.

JuicePlus+ is so much more than a product containing vitamins and minerals, as it is based on whole foods (real food), using nutrient-rich varieties of  fresh fruit, vegetables and berries. These are processed with the greatest of care into a highly concentrated fruit, vegetable and berry powders, and combined with carefully selected other ingredients to create the Juice Plus+ Capsules, Chewables, Soft Chews and Complete.
Juice Plus+ thus provides vitamins, minerals and trace elements which are, of course, found in fresh fruit and vegetables and berries.
The various nutrients Juice Plus+ contains work in synergy with each other and complement each other perfectly. Laboratory analyses and scientific studies have confirmed that Juice Plus+ offers an impressive variety of key substances, which are also absorbed and utilized by the body extremely well.

Popular Products

  • Juice Plus+ Premium with fruit, vegetables and berries provides wholefood-based nutrition from 27 varieties daily, so everyone can enjoy the added nutritional benefits of taking Juice Plus+.
  • Juice Plus+ Complete its a protein shake full of vegetable protein from soya, rice and chickpeas. Great for looking after your body with all the vital amino acids (Protein building blocks)

Juice Plus+ is for everyone, your whole family, children and breastfeeding.

You can order your JuicePlus+ directly here or contact me below or here if you like more information about the products or the business opportunity.

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